quote PDML2 is a PHP library for creating PDF files from a document i a simple HTML format. PDML2 supports a small subset of the HTML tags as well as partial CSS version 1. We aim to increase support for other HTML tags - especially the TABLE tag - but also to fix current bugs and improve CSS support. PDML2 is developed by Casalogic A/S but we encurage other users to participe in the development and documentation.

The original project - PDML - was developed by Henri T. (metal_hurlant) and published on Sourceforge.net in 2004. We thank him for his work and hope he's happy to see his work continued on this site.


PDML2 currently supports:

  • Basic HTML tags, various fonts
  • Headers, footers and columns
  • Multiple pages with autonumbering
  • Some image/drawing support
  • Document information

Important known bugs / missing features:

  • Charset support
  • Support for tables


PDML2 is a library for use with PHP to create PDF files. It should work on all platforms supporting PHP 5.x.
PDML2 include a version of FPDF that is used for the actual creation of the PDF files.


PDML2 is licenced under the Open Source license GPL and is free for everybody to download and use - both privately and commercial.

We encourge satisfied users to assist the project with their own laybour.

Help us

If you want to help us with PDML2 then please contact us.

We need help with:

  • Manuals / Documentation
  • Testing
  • Coding

to name a few things...

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